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Advanced usage

You can naturally compile you own software products and libraries, in :

  • the common space (/shared): On the shared directory, you need to belong to the install_team UNIX group. If not, you can ask to your PI to install it by him since he is part of.
  • your working directory (/workdir): Since the workdir is a permanent file system, you can create what you want where you want in.

Example: you need to install openmpi-1.6.5, with GNU compilers, on /shared:

$ mkdir -p /shared/compilers/openmpi/1.6.5/gnu
$ ./configure --prefix=/shared/compilers/openmpi/1.6.5/gnu <all needed options>
$ make && make install

If you need/wish to install it into /wordir, you just need to replace the above directory with the one you want. In this specific case, we may need to create your own modules

To do so, since the hardware, OS and installs are very different between master nodes and computing nodes, to compile your stuffs (software products, libraries, etc.), you just have to open an interactive session and use compilers and libraries of your choice (Intel compilers from Modules, GNU pre-installed compilers, etc.).

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