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Below you can see a gallery that illustrate the computing room evolutions.

STAGE 1 - initial situation

This was the situation at my arrival, in December 2010. The computing room contained around 120 computing cores (with different generations of CPU technologies) and no real storage capacity.

The right enclosure was mainly dedicated for old and dysfunctional UPS, network switches and PVM. In addition, every machines with a yellow post-it on were non-functioning computing machines.

STAGE 2 - Situation before the computing room rebuilding

Before rebuilding the computing room, due to some problems of 3rd floor load resistance (more than 2.8T of computing materials in the room), we had slightly less than 1000 computing cores (868 in HPC clusters) and around 154TB raw for storage.

STAGE 3 - The current situation

This is the current situation: 1828 CPU cores, ~108k GPU cores, 4TB RAM and around 750TB raw for storage (archive, home and workdir volumes).

In addition, in these new enclosures are hosted 3 virtualization clusters; one dedicated for LBT computation resources managment and the 2 others for Information Systems (one of which is shared with the IBPC).

As you can notice, everything is now black and white, proper and clean… ;-)

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