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-===== Cluster Room history ​===== +====== Welcome ====== 
-For those who do not know me yet: my name is **Geoffrey Letessier**,​ I am the **LBT IT manager** (in the fact, the only one IT staff member) ​and my office is located at the IBPC third floor (door #328).+Welcome to the LBT calculation ​and storage resources dedicated wiki.
-At my arrival in lab, in December 2010, the computing ​resources ​was only composed by roughly 120 cores (with different CPU technologies and generations),​ and the room by a few old servers and around 25 desktop machinescompletely partitioned (and without any centralized management service).+This wiki has no claim to teach you how to calculate on HPC resources, ​but how to simply ​and correctly use ours.
-After a few monthssome PIs asked me to think about a new computing architecture to significantly improve the computing and storage capabilities and performance. This was the origin of Hades cluster ​(2011-2012), closely followed by Lucifer (2013-2014) and Baal (initiated in 2015) ones.+Although this wiki was originally written for LBT laboratory memberswhether you are external users (collaborators,​ partnersor IBPC membersyou will find here everything you need to start using the resources available.
-Hereafter, the various budget sources that enabled this breakthrough:​ +Thusyou can find here the LBT data center history, all the rules and limits, as well as a brief overview of our IT architecture and the best use possible ​(with a quick start guide and some performance improvement tips); and probably more...
-  * ERC ABIOS (Guillaume Stirnemann) +
-  * ERC Thermos (Fabio Sterpone) +
-  * ANR Exaviz (Marc Baaden) +
-  * IUF (Philippe Derreumaux) +
-  * ANR PEPS (Marc Baaden) +
-  * ANR NicoChimera (Marc Baaden) +
-  * ANR BioPac (Marc Baaden) +
-  * ANR MAPPING (Sophie Sacquin-Mora) +
-  * ANR COSMOS (Jérôme Hénin) +
-  * LBT laboratory'​s funds  +
-  * ..+
-  +
-On the next illustration,​ you can see the current computing room organigram.+
-{{ :​lbt-cr:​lbt-it.png?​direct&​500 |IT organization}} +Enjoy reading ​and feel free to contact me directly for more help (for system ​use and feedbacks onlynot for software concerns).
- +
-Thereby, in a few years and only concerning the LBT's computing resources, we have: +
-  * harmonized, homogenized and centralized the technical computing architecture +
-  * multiplied by tens -and even many more with GPGPU technology- the global computing power +
-  * grown up the storage ​system ​from 0 to roughly 750 TB rawscratch volumes excluded +
- +
-That said, we have to keep in mind that the needed investment budget (for computing room rehabilitation and modernizationhas been mainly apportioned for the first 4-5 years and is currently of around 750k€. +
- +
-Thanks to **Fabio Sterpone** to have been the instigator and the first investor for this project, quickly followed by **Marc Baaden** and **Philippe Derreumaux**. A couple of years later, **Sophie Sacquin-Mora**,​ **Jérôme Hénin**, Labex **Dynamo** and **Guillaume Stirnemann** joined the group of investors; thanks to all of them too!+
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