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-===== Welcome =====+====== Welcome ​======
 Welcome to the LBT calculation and storage resources dedicated wiki. Welcome to the LBT calculation and storage resources dedicated wiki.
-this wiki doesn'​t have any pretention ​to how to take advantage of calculation resources of an HPC center ​but only how to properly ​use ours.+This wiki has no claim to teach you how to calculate on HPC resources, ​but how to simply and correctly ​use ours.
-So, you will be able to find here the LBT datacenter ​history, all the rules and limits, ​and a brief introduction ​of our computing ​architecture and how best use you can do (with a quick start and some performance improvement ​advices).+Although this wiki was originally written for LBT laboratory members, whether you are external users (collaborators,​ partners) or IBPC members, you will find here everything you need to start using the resources available. 
 +Thus, you can find here the LBT data center ​history, all the rules and limits, ​as well as a brief overview ​of our IT architecture and the best use possible ​(with a quick start guide and some performance improvement ​tips); and probably more... 
 +Enjoy reading and feel free to contact me directly for more help (for system use and feedbacks only, not for software concerns).
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