Water rotational relaxation and diffusion in hydrated lysozyme

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TitleWater rotational relaxation and diffusion in hydrated lysozyme
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsMarchi M, Sterpone F, Ceccarelli M
JournalJ. Am. Chem. Soc.
Date Publishedjun

This paper is concerned with the dynamics of water around a small globular protein. Dipolar second-rank relaxation time and diffusion properties of surface water were computed by extensive molecular dynamics simulations of lysozyme in water which lasted a total of 28 ns. Our results indicate that the rotational relaxation of water in the vicinity of lysozyme is 3-7 times slower than that in the bulk depending on how the hydration shell is defined in the calculation. We have also verified that the dynamics of water translational diffusion in the vicinity of lysozyme have retardations similar to rotational relaxation. This is a common assumption in nuclear magnetic relaxation dispersion (NMRD) studies to derive residence times. In contrast to bulk water dynamics, surface water is in a dispersive diffusion regime or subdiffusion. Very good agreement of dipolar second-rank relaxation time with NMRD estimates is obtained by using appropriate dimensions of the hydration shell. Although our computed second-rank dipolar retardations are independent of the water model, SPC/E describes more realistically the time scale of the water dynamics around lysozyme than does TIP3P.

Citation Key2002|1817