Jérôme Hénin – Research group

Current group

  • Loris Felardos (since 2018, PhD candidate co-advised with Guillaume Charpiat, INRIA), deep learning for molecular simulations.
  • Antoine Gagelin (since 2019, PhD candidate), modeling of mitochondrial tranporters, development of sampling methods.
  • Corentin Largeau (since 2019, PhD candidate co-advised with Bruno Miroux, IBPC),  experimental and computational studies of mitochondrial tranporters.


  • Mina Ebrahimi (2020, visiting, PhD candidate at University of Tehran). Computation of protein-ligand absolute binding free energies.
  • Louis Dumont (2020, Master's candidate co-advised with Guillaume Charpiat, INRIA), deep learning for molecular simulations.
  • Laura Joana Silva Lopes (2016-2019, PhD candidate co-advised with Tony Lelièvre, CERMICS). Path sampling and kinetics of protein-ligand binding with Adaptive Multilevel Splitting. Now a postdoc with Prof Valeria Molinero at University of Utah.
  • Cecilia Chávez-García (spring 2019, visiting student from Mikko Karttunen's lab).
  • Selim Ben Slama (spring 2019, 5-month research project for BSc).
  • Xiaojing Wu (since 2018, post-doc co-advised with Marc Baaden, LBT, and Aurélien Delalande, LCP, U. Paris-Sud). Electron transfer in NOX proteins.
  • Léo Houairi (2018, 3-month rotation project for BSc). High-throuput structural modeling of ligand-gated ion channels, Pro-loop Database.
  • Dario de Vecchis (2013-2017, PhD co-advised with Antoine Taly and Marc Baaden). Topic: Modeling of mitochondrial membrane fusion protein. Current position: post-doc in Leeds, UK.
  • Baptiste Colcombet-Cazenave (2017, 4-month project for Master's). Topic: Predicting the function of unknown ligand-gated ion channels from modeling and simulation. Current position: 2nd year Master's student in Paris.
  • Adrien Lesage (2015, 6-month graduate project for engineering school). Topic: Free energy estimators for adaptive-biasing force simulations. Current position: PhD candidate in Paris.
  • Mariama Jaiteh (2014, 6-month graduate project for Master's). Topic: Evolution of pentameric ligand-gated ion channels. Current position: PhD candidate in Uppsala, Sweden.